February 2014, Elliot moved to Tokyo, after years of performing in the UK as front man and guitarist of Heels Catch Fire. Being new to the city provided a fresh start. He wanted a new music project to work on and actively looked for potential opportunities.

It took him a week before, through a chance encounter, he met Luke. Luke had moved to Saitama, Japan in 2012. He had played guitar and bass in various bands and before moving to Tokyo a year later he experimented with synthesisers in his bedroom studio. Once in the capital he set up the drum and bass crew Terraforming with his housemate. DJing regularly but with no live output he eagerly accepted Elliot's offer to play as bassist/synth player.

Matt met Elliot after starting his life in Tokyo for the second time. He had moved around Leeds, London, Vietnam and Tokyo, playing drums in different bands along the way. This chance meeting with an enthusiastic singer who talked of starting a band with his new synth capable, bass playing friend intrigued him and he jumped on board.

Through desire, coincidence and luck, these three individual elements came together and formed ENTRADA in the summer of 2014. After four months of writing they played their first show at Live House FNV, in Shinjuku and continued to gain momentum in the Tokyo underground scene.

In January 2015 ENTRADA set up Royal Jelly their promotion side project. Royal Jelly events aim to showcase the underground bands of Tokyo that compliment ENTRADA's style and sound. It has now evolved into a hybrid event bringing not just music but art, dancing and comedy into the mix. In July 2016 they released their first single Today's the Last Day under the Royal Jelly label.

In September 2016 ENTRADA went on their first Japan Tour branching out from Tokyo and headed west reaching Yokohama, Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nagoya.

Since then they have released 4 more singles with the latest, "Timing is Everything" being the song featured in their debut music video.

Side project - Working with the communications company BREAKER and under the alias Under Covers. ENTRADA recorded and starred in a series of unedited Google translation J-POP cover videos. Translated artists include BabyMetal, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, and Perfume. The videos made quite a stir on YouTube and got mention on Japanese cultural interest blogs, for example Matcha

Luke Snitter


Elliot Cormack


Matt Webster